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We have made a series of video tutorials which can answer some of your questions and can give you invaluable hints on how to make the most of your GoodBoy collar! Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think that a video is worth a million :)

1) Unboxing of your Mini Vibration Bark Collar


 2) How to test your GoodBoy Mini Vibration Bark collar

3) How to place and use your GoodBoy Mini Vibration Bark collar

4) How to change the battery of your GoodBoy collar

5) How to adjust the sensitivity level of your GoodBoy collar

6) How to make the strap shorter on your GoodBoy collar

7) How to test your GoodBoy vibration collar

8) How to test your static shock GoodBoy collar

9) GoodBoy Mini Bark Collar tutorial

10) GoodBoy Remote Training Collar tutorial

11) GoodBoy Dog Muzzle tutorial

12) GoodBoy Recovery e-collar tutorial