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I cannot say enough about how GREAT the GoodBoy Dog Bark Collar is, so I'll just say this....I have tried to stop our 3 yr. old havanase pet from constantly barking...from other dogs to leaves falling off a tree...never could. But this collar works...the very first time! One word that comes to my mind...AMAZING...and it has a money back guarantee...
-Marsha, Amazon Customer
My dog is stubborn to train and likes to yap at everything. The collar beeps immediately with a bark and will vibrate after several barks. I cant believe it but our little guy is now a quiet dog overall. My Neighbors are now at peace! I highly recommend this collar!
-Brina Ashe, Amazon Customer
I ordered the GoodBoy Dog Bark Collar after a LOT of research and, frankly, with a bit of trepidation about whether or not it could help us. Boy am I happy. There are many things about the bark collar I like but I'd like to begin by saying I have NEVER experienced such excellent customer support. They seemed personal and sincere. No "default" email from them! A real person communicates with you! I love the product. I'm so glad we bought it. We get to keep our wonderful dog.
-Linda Bannerman, Amazon Customer

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