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How does my GoodBoy collar work?

It is a neat combination between design and practicality. We have three different types of collars -

1) Most of the collars are air-activated, so that they will “answer” only when your doggy barks. There is an air-pressure sensor located on the back, which “catches” the air flow created in the neck area, when a doggy barks and triggers the device. Thus, external noises will not trigger them.

2) The mini bark collars are vibration-activated. They react to the throat vibration, when a dog barks. Thus, external noises will not trigger them, as well :)

3) The remote collars are being triggered with the remote control (quite self-explanatory really :))

7 levels of correction? What are those?
The GoodBoy collars’ working routine is designed in a way, that will help the dog understand that its barking is causing the annoying beeping and vibration/static shocks (depending on the model). After the 1st and the 2nd barks, only beeping is introduced and from the 3rd bark until the 7th consecutive bark, the collar adds the extra stimulus (vibration or shock, depending on the model). Each level comes with different duration of the stimuli and after the 7th bark, there is a “cool-off” period (dogs are creatures of habit and thus, they will learn more quickly).
How to choose which set of prong covers to use?

The black plastic (or metal for the shock collars) probes which we have included in the package should be in contact with the dog’s skin for the collar to be effective. You should choose between the shorter and the longer set, based on the dog’s hair length.

The mini bark collars do not have the same sticking out prongs, but rather rounded tips, which also should be in close contact with the dog's skin.

What are the + and – buttons for?

These physical buttons on the device (or on the remote control) will help you adjust the sensitivity of the collar, i.e. how easily the device would be triggered. The automatic factory level is 4, but you can find the sweet spot according to your little furry friend’s barking. More information on how to adjust the levels can be found below:

How should I place the collar on the doggy?

The collar should be on the dog’s neck, just under the chin and with the prongs (in the case of the mini bark collars - the rounded tips) on both sides of the windpipe (on the vocal cords). The strap should be tight enough, so that you will be able to insert only 1 finger between the strap and the skin of the little one (this is the so-called “1-finger rule” :))

The video below is applicable to all GoodBoy collars:

GoodBoy collar’s on and working – how to train the dog?
As much as we want these collars to be magical, the owner’s involvement is crucial in most cases (especially with more stubborn and older doggies). When the doggy barks, make sure that you show your dissatisfaction with their behavior - either with firmly saying "No" or any other proven method. Thus, the dog will more quickly understand the connection between the barking, the collar correction routine and your disapproval of the actions.
What should I know about the GoodBoy collars?

1) Our collars (except for the remote collars ) are NOT waterproof and you need to keep them away from water and heavy raining. Of course, a couple of drops will not be an issue, but the battery compartment and the microprocessor should be protected, at all times.

2) The GoodBoy collars are battery operated (again except for the mini bark collars and the remote control collars, which are rechargeable). They work with one 6V 4LR44 battery (also known as PX28A, A544, K28A, V34PX). This battery type can be easily found on Amazon and is fairly cheap.

How to test my GoodBoy collar prior to using it and what is that transparent C-shaped thing?

Testing the collars is really simple and you can find how to test vibration collars below:

and static shock collars below:

The C-shaped tool is actually a test-light which you can use to check if the shock collar is actually conducting the shock :)

In the case of the mini bark collars, you need to scratch (with a pen or even a nail) the testing strip on the back of the device, as shown in the user manual and in the video below:

The remote control collars testing procedure is more complex, as it involves setting up the different working modes of the remote and the full procedure can be found in the respective manual.

How can I be sure that the collar is being used safely?

1) Always check how the doggy is reacting to the collar and regularly make sure that the prongs are not making them more uncomfortable, that it is needed. Also, never let the collar be on the doggy for more than 12h at a time.

2) Connecting a lead to your GoodBoy collar can damage the device and will inevitably be the cause of false triggering.

3) Make sure that you use the collars with prong covers, at all times.

The collar is beeping continuously. What does that mean?
The device is pretty smart and is advising you that the battery (for the battery operated devices) will be fully drained very soon and you need to replace it with a fresh one.
How to change the battery?

It’s really simple :) Changing the battery will only take a moment and you can see how to do it below:

Just make sure that the positive and the negative ends of the battery are properly placed, as otherwise the collar will be buzzing until you flip the battery.

How to charge my rechargeable collar and for how long?

Use the USB cable, included in the package. At the bottom side of the collar, there is a charging whole (socket), which is covered with a rubber cap. Remove the cap and gently but firmly insert the appropriate end of the charging cable (the 2.5 mm jack).

The other end (the USB one) should go into the USB port of a laptop, computer or a wall charger. We do suggest using a wall charger, as the charging time will be reduced due to the difference in the power.

The initial charging time (when you first open the box and start charging the collar), may take up to 24h, however in most cases it takes a lot less. When the red light of the collar turns to green, this is also your "green light" to unplug the device and start using it.

When the light indicator on the collar is flashing red, then this is a good time to plug it in for a couple of hours of charging. And if the power is so low that even the red light is out, the collar definitely needs to be charged and it will take up to 6h for a full charge.

The GoodBoy collar is too big. What should I do?

Luckily, we have considered that this could happen. The strap for most models can be adjusted to fit necks between 5 and 21 inches and for the collars for larger dogs – between 14 and 23 inches. The mini bark collars safely fit necks between 5 and 19 inches. In case you need to make the a perfect fit, we suggest that you cut the excess length of the strap and heat the end with a lighter to make sure that it will not unravel. The technique is shown below:

The collar is being triggered when the doggy is not barking. Why?
This is what we call “random triggering” or “false positive triggering”. In most cases, this is due to the GoodBoy collar being misplaced or being too loose, thus allowing the movement of air to activate the unit, when the doggy is not barking (therefore not moving its neck). In the case of the mini bark collars, this can also happen, when the device is too loose around the neck. Additionally, we suggest that you adjust the sensitivity in those cases, to minimize the activation.
What are the main things I need to know?

1) Small and sensitive dogs should use our vibration collar since the shock might be too strong for them and could cause them to act erratically.

2) Avoid leaving the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours a day.

3) Never connect a lead to your GoodBoy collar. Remember to screw on the prongs that suit your dog’s coat thickness.

4) If the device starts to beep continuously, the battery needs to be replaced. We recommend the age of your dog to be minimum of 6 months before using this collar.

5) In cases when a collar can only produce sound and cannot produce the vibration/shock correction, the energy left in the battery is not enough to power up the collar and should be replaced. If the collar is a rechargeable one, the same principle applies and the energy charge is not sufficient, so please re-charge the device.

6) Please read the manual before using the collar for instructions on how to properly handle the product.

Will I be charged shipping and taxes?
Yes, those will be added at the checkout page where you will see how much the various shipping options will cost and what would be the added tax.
Do you offer any warranty?
Yep! :) All products have a 1-year comprehensive warranty. Just contact us and we will do whatever it takes to assist you.
Can I return a product and how to do it?

Of course, you can!

The "No Questions Asked" return window is 30 days for all orders made via our e-store or via Amazon. The only difference would be in the procedure:

1) For orders made via Amazon, you will need to contact them directly and they will provide you with the details on how to return your product.

2) For orders made via this website (our e-store), please contact us at and we will issue a special return number, which you will have to use for the return to be accepted.

Please bear in mind that we will gladly issue a full refund for your order, however the shipping charges will be deducted (on orders past the 30 days period. Also, you will have to cover the return shipping fees.

Where do you ship to?
Currently, we are shipping to continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. Additionally, we can also ship the purchase to American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
I have a question. How can I reach you?

We are always available to assist you at , so feel free to drop us a line :)

Yet another options is to send us a message via our Contact Form