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Hi there! Nice to meet you!
So what’s GoodBoy all about then? And what do flying squirrels have to do with dog collars? - We’ll get to that later.

The story dates back to 2015 :)

As dog owners ourselves, we understood the pains and challenges that came with having frequent barkers in the household. From scared postmen and delivery drivers, to every house guest being greeted by a symphony of barks and yelps - we’ve been there. And, after trying alternative solutions that just didn’t work (coins in a jar etc.) we looked to technology to make things better.

So, we developed a series of effective, and more importantly, humane anti-bark collars that not only work automatically, they look good as well. We’ve tested them on all breeds, sizes and temperaments (yes, even in the little ones) so whatever form your barking furry friend comes in - we’ve got you covered.

Since then, we’ve sold over 50,000 collars and have over 1,000 5 star reviews on Amazon - but we’re not stopping there. We love hearing your feedback and are always trying to improve, so if you have any suggestions then use the contact form or click on the live chat button on the button right of your screen.