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Can I leave more stars please? GoodBoy Training is ah-mazing! THIS is customer service that is lacking in today's world! What an amazing company! Thank you!


This company stands by their products, and replaced my items easily through their warranty. Excellent seller!


I would give this company 5 stars for the product. I am a Certified Animal Behaviorist, and recommend products to my clients. There are occasions when a good head halter is the ideal product. This is by far the best head halter I have found, however it is often out of stock. The company has very good customer service, but they need to solve their production issues.


Great company with even better customer service! I'd give them more and better ratings if I could, as I had ordered the muzzle in a size to small to fit our dog and we have received an immediate response by GoodBoy and also a cost free bigger-sized replacement. I will definitively order other products from this company in the future, as they are true winners in customer satisfaction. Many thanks


So nice to find a company with good customer service nowadays! I ordered the wrong size and they were so helpful getting me the correct size. Great seller!


1 year warranty 30 days money back guarantee